What's a NFT, how does it work, and why do they suck?

Recently, some new technology has been very controversial - NFTs, short for "non-fungible tokens", often associated with mass-generated pixel art. There's plenty of reasons to dislike them, but it's dumb to dislike something if you don't know why. Hop on Ms Lucy's Wild Ride, because we're going dumpster diving into the technical details of NFTs (and why they suck!)

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No, you shouldn't use Brave.

The Brave browser is a fork of Chromium with a built-in adblocker and some other neat privacy-friendly features. From a quick glance, it looks amazing, right? Chrome but pro-privacy! Sadly, you'd be wrong. Brave's history is full of controversies, many of which are deal-breakers for people.

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Optimization - Making Rust Code Go Brrrr

Rust code can be fast. Very fast, in fact. If you look at the Benchmarks Game, it goes head-to-head with C and C++.

But performance isn't effortless, although Rust's LLVM backend makes it seem so. I'm going to go over the ways I improve performance in my Rust projects.

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